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V3Perform, Fitness classes in Miami, fused the two most popular modalities in the fitness industry. Experience Miami’s most bang-for-your-buck workout. Expert coaches instruct and motivate the class. Our class setting, with special lights and club-like music installations, will automatically motivate you to perform at peak levels every time you take a class.

Cykle with unique bikes. Our high-performance bikes enhance the workout experience and engage your core muscles better than any other stationary bike. The bike is designed to allow for side-to-side movement while in a stationary position, simulating an actual trail ride. This gives you that extra indoor cycling thrill. Box aqua punching bags. Punching bags filled with water absorb the repercussion of your punches. This helps to protect your joints, wrists, and fingers. Prolong your stamina on the bag and experience less risk of injury, making for a better workout experience.

If you are looking for Fitness classes in Miami that will surely motivate you not only by the expert coaches but also the class setting which includes special lights and club-like music installations to pump up your energy. V3Perform will give you the best of both worlds created for everyone who enjoys or needs fast-paced, energetic, high-intensity 50-minute workout with a heavy focus on core stability.

V3Perform is located at 9521 NE 2nd Ave in Miami Shores. For more information, visit V3Perform.com or call (305)906-1444.

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